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I was born in 1987 and grew up on our family farm in the small rural town of Bronson, Michigan, where there are probably more farm animals than people and only two working traffic lights.

I moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, started college at Harvard University, and fell in love with the city of Boston. Ensuring that I would never be employable and signing myself up for a lifetime of starving artist jokes (usually from my family), I graduated with a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies.

I spent the last few years living in Rochester, New York, which I quickly learned is actually the arctic, judging by its cruel weather. Finishing my last year of graduate school at Rochester Institute of Technology - a campus composed almost solely of hipsters and engineers, I recently received my MFA in Imaging Arts.

No matter where I go, my work continually takes me back home again, which is where I am now, exploring family ties and my strong connection to place. 


Email Kristy at:  kristy [at] kristycarpenter [dot] com